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  • 28th October 2018

When I was small, everything that I did was frowned upon, it was wrong, or not good enough. So I made things that no one could see, or would not last. I painted with rain water on the surface of stones or paving slabs, fleeting images made to vanish in the warm sun. I made patterns with leaves which would be blown away by the wind, miniature gardens from twigs and moss. Little things that didn’t matter to anyone but me.

I never stopped making, small artistic efforts that never amounted to much. I loved books, and dreamed about being an illustrator and my work became more and more illustrative.

When our three sons were still young I enrolled at art college. Immediately I was told that I should stop making illustrations and start to research contemporary artists as it was clear to the lecturers that I my ideas and my thought processes were those of a conceptual artist, this much was true.

As a result, I made my way from foundation to university gaining a 1st class honours, then on to a masters degree. Then, I lectured, I curated, I saw all sides of the art world, and stopped making art. There were ideas in my head, there were lots of things that I wanted to make, but I couldn’t, I just could not!

Rather than spending my life working in a world that stifled me and consistently disappointed me, I took a leap in a very different direction and with my husband became a foster carer.

Suddenly, I was inspired! Any spare time that I had I spent making, I started to visit exhibitions again (taking lots of children along too, they were not always impressed). Over the past 11 years I have found my way back to the art that I love to make, art that makes me happy, and, from what I can gather, makes other people happy too!

I do not regret a moment of the time that I spent studying fine art, I have acquired so many different skills and techniques and met so many wonderful people along the way. I also got the politic stuff and angst driven work out of my system.

Now I am making illustrative work, small sculptures, crazy blankets and who knows what else I might be making by this time next week.

I enjoy sharing my work with the wider world through exhibitions and through social media, I have had nothing but positive responses to the things that I make and have felt very supported by the creative community.

I was rather happy to see how many people had taken the trouble to look at and like one of my recent paintings. I feel incredibly blessed that I can make work and very fortunate to have gained such a positive response. 

To all of the artists out there who are feeling a little less than confident … GO FOR IT! STAY CREATIVE!!!!!


  1. Chris

    Marie, your work is beautiful and wonderful
    I am so envious of your skills in so many different mediums
    Thank you so much for sharing x

    28th October 2018 Reply
    1. Marie

      Thank you Chris, for taking the time to look at my ramblings and for the compliment. x

      29th October 2018 Reply
  2. Sandra

    You know how much I am in awe of you and your talents! If I had half as much skill, precision and imagination as you, I would be well pleased. My matchstick men don’t even look like matchsticks! 😂😂 Keep doing what makes you happy and makes us all happy seeing your ideas brought to life xx ❤️❤️

    31st October 2018 Reply
    1. Marie

      Oh Thank You Sandra! I would love to see your matchstick men 🙂 It makes me happy that you own one of my paintings, and it is that painting that has been the springboard for my recent work. Thanks for taking the time to write! Much love! <3

      2nd November 2018 Reply

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