My Story

Although formally trained, I was born to make ‘stuff’.
My first masterpiece was a pigeon made using river clay, and feathers from road kill, when I was five years old. That sculpture sat in my parents coal shed for years, it was my very first installation.

My interest in manipulating materials and foraging for inspirational found objects still fuels my practice as you will see from my work, resulting in a huge range of styles and techniques.

Having spent some years lecturing in fine art, and also working for a private collector of fine art, I have been fortunate enough to experience the art world from all angles.

I have been influenced by many great artists, writers and musicians but my greatest influence has to be my love of the beautiful countryside which surrounds my home.

My work springs from my love of the natural world, the landscape and my deep spiritual connection to it. My daily walking meditations in beloved places result in my mixed media work.

I hope you enjoy my work, as I have enjoyed making it and sharing it with you.