Ideas, Concepts & Other Work
Keeping sketchbooks is a really important part of my practice. Sometimes an idea can sit inside the pages of a sketchbook for years before it is worked up into a piece of work. My ideas might be drawings, small paintings, mixed media collages, fragments of objects or small assemblages that are photographed and kept. Sometimes, I dust off really old journals and sketchbooks and there will be a few words, a small drawing or photograph which will reveal the common themes which have over the years informed my practice.


@ marieroberts

Sketchy little sketch, the beginning of a new work. Could this be St Brigid? Will she be ready for February? 
Put the finishing touches to this breezy little painting today! You can almost hear that harp being played by the wind with a little help from the tree! Aeolian Dream! @wildthorne @tworiverspaper @shinhanart 
Birds were singing their little heads off this morning! Seemed only right to splash some colour around. We were interrupted by the sound of a vehicle in the distance reversing! Hope 😂 Didn’t put us off though! Hope you enjoy their pretty songs 🌟💚🌟
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