Ouroboros, symbol of eternal renewal, the snake that eats its own tail. I spent a very long time making this piece, made from a discarded bible, I cut the pages into squares then folded each square into one of those origami fortune teller things, I remember loving these when I was a child, colouring the sides, adding fates and destinies, then I stacked them and curled the shape into the ouroboros.


Folded Bible



@ marieroberts

Who might this turn out to be? I wonder? Will she have fur? Or antlers? Or moss? Or all of those thing? #spiritdoll #workinprogress #goddess #take13artists
This began in Pembrokeshire and was finished today in Kinver! A little unseasonal I know, but a hare was in my ‘head queue’ 😂 I am enjoying these creatures that want to be painted. “I am the Hare” available as cards, prints and canvases. DM me for details. Happy Friday lovelies! #hare #harebells #mystery #watercolor #painting #print #take13artists
Hope everyone is ok, having a day that has gone between fine and fearful, so for now I shall paint fur on a hare because I am lucky that I can ... #hare #painting #shapeshifter #take13artists