Silk Moth & Carpet Moth


Some of my most favourite needlework pieces. I do so love moths, I know that lots of people don’t, but I think that they are so beautiful. Each one has wings that have been hand embroidered onto pure silk, they have felt bodies and feathers for feelers. The moths are sitting on vintage glass bottles and live in glass domes (I promise that they won’t flutter around you at night). Priced at £75.00 each.


Hand embroidered silk, antique glass bottles and glass vitrines.




@ marieroberts

Who might this turn out to be? I wonder? Will she have fur? Or antlers? Or moss? Or all of those thing? #spiritdoll #workinprogress #goddess #take13artists
This began in Pembrokeshire and was finished today in Kinver! A little unseasonal I know, but a hare was in my ‘head queue’ 😂 I am enjoying these creatures that want to be painted. “I am the Hare” available as cards, prints and canvases. DM me for details. Happy Friday lovelies! #hare #harebells #mystery #watercolor #painting #print #take13artists
Hope everyone is ok, having a day that has gone between fine and fearful, so for now I shall paint fur on a hare because I am lucky that I can ... #hare #painting #shapeshifter #take13artists