Tree of Life for January. Limited Edition Print

Tree of Life for January


Signed, Limited Edition Print

Hand Embellished with 24 Ct Gold and shell Gold

Framed in Oak

53cm x 53cm

Tree of Life for January is one of 12 paintings each depicting a tree for every month of the year. Each painting is made on a heavy hand made paper using a variety of media. This painting was made using water colour, ink and earth pigments, including Lapis Lazuli. The sun is embellished with 24 Carat Gold and has a mandala painted with pure Shell Gold, the stars are Pure Silver. All of the Tree of Life works are painted within a mandala, a sacred space of geometric pattern.

The January Tree depicts an old evergreen tree, the symbol of everlasting life. It stands firm during the hardest of weather and stands out against the Garnet sky, a colour chosen as Garnet is the gem stone for January Birthdays’. The snowcapped mountains seen in the distance provide a perfect back drop to the elegant tree. If you look closely, three animals are taking shelter beneath the tree.

All of the Tree of Life works are available as Signed, Limited Edition Prints. All hand embellished with 24 Carat Gold and/or Pure Silver. Printed on museum quality paper using archival ink, mounted and framed in bespoke solid oak frames.

Marie Roberts

Tree of Life for January


@ marieroberts

Sketchy little sketch, the beginning of a new work. Could this be St Brigid? Will she be ready for February? 
Put the finishing touches to this breezy little painting today! You can almost hear that harp being played by the wind with a little help from the tree! Aeolian Dream! @wildthorne @tworiverspaper @shinhanart 
Birds were singing their little heads off this morning! Seemed only right to splash some colour around. We were interrupted by the sound of a vehicle in the distance reversing! Hope 😂 Didn’t put us off though! Hope you enjoy their pretty songs 🌟💚🌟
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