Summer Love … Tree of Life

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  • 13th July 2018

What would I do if I could not make? Well, I might not be very nice to know. If a day goes by where I cannot find the time to make something, just a little something, maybe a stitch or two, perhaps just a quick sketch, I find myself feeling so frustrated. What I experience and all that I see when I am out and about goes in, and then comes out again as art, sculpture, painting, embroidery … the list goes on. Yesterday I jumped between garden, family commitments, shopping and my latest Tree of Life painting. It HAD to be finished yesterday. The past few weeks have been the absolute definition of Summer, intensely hot, blue skies, flowers, butterflies, bugs and never ending rural landscapes. I have felt very at one with the world and myself, so a tree of life, busy with life and glowing with the colours of the chakras’ was an obvious choice of work to make. Hope you like it, let me know.



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