My Story

Although formally trained, I was born to make ‘stuff’.
My first masterpiece was a pigeon made using river clay, and feathers from road kill, when I was five years old. That sculpture sat in my parents coal shed for years, it was my very first installation.

My interest in manipulating materials and foraging for inspirational found objects still fuels my practice as you will see from my work, resulting in a huge range of styles and techniques.

Having spent some years lecturing in fine art, and also working for a private collector of fine art, I have been fortunate enough to experience the art world from all angles, its’ attractive side, and its’ not so attractive side.
I have been influenced by many great artists, including: Kate MccGwire, Leonora Carrington and  Antony Gormley, and writers: Angela Carter, Marina Warner, Jeanette Winterson and the late artist, writer and good friend, Jacqui Swift.

My greatest influence has to be my memories of childhood and the beautiful countryside which surrounds my home.

To sum up my philosophy might be a job better done by someone who does not know me well. Although to give you an idea, I suppose that I would have to say that my work has it’s roots in childhood, the colour, the mischief, and occasionally the nightmares. Although not a religious person, my work is flavoured with memories of a religious upbringing from the gold to the guilt.

I hope you enjoy my work, as I have enjoyed making it and sharing it with you.